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Spiritual Transformation

Solitude is the furnace of authentic formation of the soul and sense of being; solitude with ourselves and God's loving and living Presence takes us to a place of transformation of true vision for what life is meant to be, rather than having that dictated to us by the society around us - a wandering and rootless society, not centered in authentic self-knowledge and a personal connection with and knowledge of the love and Truth of God our Maker and Savior and which shapes a very shallow vision of what can be. The inner journey into our true selves found in communion with our Friend and Rescuer, Jesus of Nazareth - the Eternal Word and Son of our Creator Father - releases us from the false self the world has told us we are. We are listening to the wrong voices! That's why solitude is so vital; so we can hear "the sounds of Silence" and allow the One who is Love and Truth to show us, speak to us, and heal us so that the true self, we've been created to be and to become can begin to emerge and come out into the light of Day.

This true self, this new self, serves as a compass for our living in the midst of a wondering, wandering, aimless generation whose only reality is material, but whose hearts long in the silent moments for something More; something deeper, more satisfying, more substantial and more lasting. It takes courage to journey into solitude and meet with God face to face and heart to heart; to face the fears, the pains, the uncertainties that we so desperately try to avoid and deny and drown out with busyness, constant activity, noise and other forms of medication. Gather your courage, call out to the One who loves you and made you for a larger Life and ask Him to meet you in the silence and talk to you about the Larger Story your life is meant to inhabit and live in; where you find out who you really are and who He really is. Listen! He's calling......

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