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The first week of October 2019, the CEEC International House of Bishops and the CEEC Province USA House of Bishops met together in synod at the Father's House cathedral congregation of our CEEC Int'l Presiding Bishop, Archbishop Quintin Moore.  We were graciously hosted by the staff of the Father's House for the week and were blessed with many moments of reconnecting with the joyful sense of extended family.

Highlights of the IHOB synod, which met the first three days of the week were the informal meal of fellowship Monday evening and the Tuesday morning Eucharistic celebration which was highlighted by our Presiding Bishop washing the feet of each one of the other provincial archbishops around the Table to accentuate his commitment to the unity of the CEEC worldwide family of Christ's members, not only with each other, but also with the larger Church of Jesus our Lord from every stream and expression.  The Eucharistic was co-celebrated by all the international archbishops present and was joyfully concluded by each archbishop re-signing our Instruments of Unity with one another. The Instruments of Unity serve as the means by which the CEEC around the world is held together as a worldwide family of autonomous provinces sharing the same values, vision, mission, ethos and spiritual DNA which forms our identity

as an expression of the Lord's one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.  The theme of "unity with diversity" was again affirmed as the heart of the "convergence movement" of one River made up of many streams, all pointing us to our one Lord and Savior and His finished work of redemption upon the Cross of Calvary. 

New growth of the Kingdom of God through the CEEC's witness around the world was shared by reports that revealed close to 20,000 congregations around the world with a presence in 22 nations.  To God alone be the glory! Relationships with other expressions of the Body of Christ from different denominations and ministries were shared in reports and at meals with great joy as the mission and leaven of the Kingdom of God continues to increase through the divine inspiration and creativity of the Holy Spirit bringing brothers and sisters together in new initiatives of church planting, prayer and common mission.

The CEEC Province USA synod saw new presbyters and deacons ordained for new and received churches and ministries, and The Rev. Russ Hale, a former military chaplain and member of the Order of the Companions of Christ, was introduced as the new Bishop-Elect for Chaplaincies in the Province USA.  He was consecrated as a bishop in Apostolic Succession the first part of November to take up his role as Chaplain Endorser for military and all other CEEC USA chaplaincies.  More exciting announcements are shortly to be made public, as the Holy Spirit continues to deepen and strengthen the bonds of unity in Christ's love towards our 25th anniversary as one of the pioneer communions of the convergence movement next October.

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